Episode 21: All About Suspension w/ Ed Sorbo from Lindeman Engineering



Episode 21: All About Suspension w/ Ed Sorbo from Lindeman Engineering

If you’re a couple episodes behind, you don’t want to miss this one! We met Ed Sorbo, owner of Lindeman Engineering at Deus Ex Machina’s Saturday School event in April. Ed had a booth at Saturday School and was leading excellent suspension seminars that drew a crowd every time.  We were very excited to have him join us on the show and talk in depth about suspension.

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Episode 20: Top End Rebuilds Part 2

CBtopendEpisode 20: Top End Rebuilds Part 2

Episode 20 continues with Part 2 of our series on Top End Rebuilds. We pick up where we left off after describing disassembly of your motor to prepare for a top end rebuild. This episode covers the tools necessary to rebuild your top end and the steps to prepare your motor for final reassembly. It’s recommended you have listened to Episode 19 before starting this show.

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Episode 19: Top End Rebuilds Part 1


Episode 19: Top End Rebuilds Part 1

Episode 19 is part 1 in our series about rebuilding the top end of your motor. This episode will cover disassembly of your top end, and goes over the important components of the motor top end as well. Make sure to listen to Part 1 before moving onto the new Episode 20, part 2 of Top End Rebuilds. Check out the notes below for the important points to follow.

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Episode 18: How Motors Work


Episode 18: How Motors Work

This show is all about motors. 4-Stroke & 2-Stroke motors. The kind we all use on our motorcycles.  In this show we describe the important components in a motor (we’ve done shows detailing most of these components you can refer to), and how they interact to complete the strokes that keep a motor turning.  Make sure to follow along with our outline below, and look at the reference videos, pictures and links to really get a good understanding of what we’re talking about. It’s very hard to understand this topic without seeing a video depicting how the components interact.

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Good Deal or Wouldn’t Steal: Do low bars make a ‘Cafe Racer’?


Good Deal or Wouldn’t Steal: 1978 Honda CB750K
Do low bars make a cafe racer?

I’ve noticed a trend recently, of bikes being advertised as ‘Cafe Racers’, which often have little more modifications than the handlebars swapped out for low tracker or clubman bars.  This generally seems to raise the price by $1500 on average.  To each his own, but I don’t really think this qualifies as a Cafe Racer.
See the original ad on Craigslist HERE.

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Motorbike Mondays Crew at Deus Ex Machina Saturday School this Saturday!


Motorbike Mondays Crew at Deus Ex Machina Saturday School
This Saturday 4/5/14 from 11AM-5PM

Deus Ex Machina
1001 Venice Boulevard
Venice, CA 90291

If you’re in Southern California, make sure to head out to Deus Ex Machina in Venice this Saturday 4/5/14 from 11AM-5PM. The Motorbike Mondays Crew has been invited to join the Faculty at Saturday School, an awesome event to help you learn how to work on your own bikes. We’ll have a lot of RaceTech Electric parts to demo and a workshop on charging system component testing and troubleshooting.  Seaweed & Gravel will have a bike workshop as well.

 Make sure to come out on Saturday and say hi to us. We’ll be recording clips for the podcast too!

You can view the Facebook even page HERE.

Check out Deus Ex Machina on the web HERE.

Episode 17: Valve Adjustments


Episode 17: Valve Adjustments

Let’s talk about valves. Well, listen to the start of the episode…not valves exactly, but valve adjustments! This is a critical maintenance item that often gets overlooked or put off, because you don’t know how to do it. To a newer rider/home mechanic, valves and valve adjustments can often seem like black magic.  However, it just takes a little bit of understanding how the system works, and why they need adjustment to get up the courage to attack this job yourself.  Make sure to listen all the way through, and refer to this post for the examples we mention.  I’ll post all our notes from the episode, so you can easily follow along.

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Episode 16: All About Triumphs

Jon_1951_T110 (2)

Episode 16: All About Triumphs

NOTE: Massive apology to Trophy Motorcycles in San Diego about the confusion caused in this episode. This episode now has a section edited out consisting of a rant by Evan (after a few beers) about a bad experience years ago at a local shop, mistaking their name with the amazing Trophy Motorcycles.  Evan & Motorbike Mondays has nothing but  great things to say about Trophy, and highly recommend them. The original comments have been removed from the episode, as they are really irrelevant to the Triumph discussion at hand. Sorry guys, it can be very easy to say dumb things with a microphone in your face, please accept this humble apology!

Hey MM’ers, whats going on!? We’ve got an awesome episode for you this week.  You all know we normally focus on Japanese bikes. We figured it was time to get some details on Triumphs, so we invited some friends over to help.  Episode 16 features Jon & Dom from Close Fabrication.  Both guys have extensive knowledge of vintage Triumphs, and we go into some detail learning about the models, engines, frames and more. If you’ve been looking to learn more about Triumphs, you don’t want to miss this episode!  Post up any comments or questions you have about Triumphs here and we will have Jon & Dom answer them for you.

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Carrizo Gorge Railway – Goat Canyon Trestle – KLR Ride


Carrizo Gorge Railway ride to Goat Canyon Trestle on KLR650’s

Check out my brother Ian’s detailed Ride Report on ADVrider here:


Hey guys! I figured I’d post up some pics and info on an amazing ride I did last weekend. After hearing about the old Carrizo Gorge Railway, and the massive wooden Goat Canyon Trestle out in Anza Borrego desert recently, my twin brother Ian (guest on Episode #15: Regular Maintenance, and author of Tech & Tonic) decided to check it out.  Being a freeway & dirt ride, we took our Kawasaki KLR650’s. Best bikes for this kind of stuff. Anyways, I won’t go into too much history, but the old Carrizo Gorge Railway is now mostly abandoned I guess, and is an awesome rail line running from San Diego to Plaster City/Ocotillo I guess.

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