Evan’s 1975 Yamaha RS100 Project

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Evan’s 1975 Yamaha RS100 Project

Hi guys, Evan here.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m a bad writer. Horrible really. I’m an Engineer, and I’m very good at technical writing, instructions, etc. However, I’m embarrassingly bad at writing anything else, especially my own commentary on things. At least it feels that way. Anyways, I’m going to give it a try, and attempt to blog on here my low budget 1975 Yamaha RS100 project.  This will mostly be me rambling and making notes on what I’m doing, so don’t expect anything impressive. However, the pictures should be interesting!  Lets start off with some pics of the bike as I found her:

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Whats In The Shop: 1985 Honda VF500 Interceptor



What’s in the Shop: 1985 Honda VF500 Interceptor

I recently picked up a couple of bikes on local San Diego Craigslist. This 1985 Honda VF500 Interceptor was so cool I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve given it a quick tuneup and cleaning, had some fun riding it, and it’s currently up for sale. (Let me know if you’re interested!)  The VF500 Interceptor is an awesome 80’s sportbike, with a high revving & torquey V-4 motor. It looks like a V-twin, but has 2 cylinders per side.

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