The Manual Interviews Motorbike Mondays



The Manual Interviews Motorbike Mondays

Andrew Couts, Features Editor of Digital Trends, and Staff Writer at The Manual recently interviewed Brady, Jarred and I (Evan) at Motorbike Mondays.  Head on over to the website for the interview HERE. I’ll post an excerpt of it below:

Any man who spends most of his days behind a desk, basking in the harsh glow of a computer screen has dreamt of abandoning it all for something a bit more hands-on – like, say, building custom motorcycles. But the guys behind Motorbike Mondays, an excellent weekly podcast that helps average Joes build their dream bikes, are already living that dream. We got in touch with the Motorbike Mondays crew – designer and electrical engineer for RaceTech Electric Evan Grist, andSeaweed & Gravel custom bike builders Brady Young and Jarred DeArmas – to get their take on custom builds, podcasting, and what it’s like to live on the other side of the wall.

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Episode 12 running late

Motorbike Mondays Logo

Hey guys, just a heads up. With the One Moto show coming up quick, we’re all super busy getting the CB550’s finished up and ready for the show. We’re going to have to delay Episode 12 a few days. It will up this week ASAP. Check out some of our new posts this week on the website while you wait for the new show!


Seaweed & Gravel Bike in the One Motorcycle Show

The One Motorcycle Show

If you haven’t heard about the One Motorcycle Show, better check it out! Brady Young from Seaweed & Gravel has been asked to enter one of his bikes in the show. We’ll have pics and info from the show up after it is displayed. If you’re in the Portland area, check it out! Free Admission.

One Motorcycle Show
February 7-9, 2014
800 SE 10th Ave
Portland, OR

New Audio Gear for Motorbike Mondays!



After establishing our show, and seeing that we have some people that listen regularly, we decided to upgrade our equipment. Up until now we’ve used my old band live PA, ancient destroyed mics, and old cables. The sound quality was less than perfect. Much less.

We finally headed to Guitar Center yesterday and picked up a new Yamaha MG102C mixer, 3 new Shure SM48 mics, and new cables.  Episode 6 is our first show with the new equipment. I hope you guys notice the difference!