Enduros always endure!


Recently we got an email from Simon in Australia all about his Dad’s awesome old bikes, and his work to keep one of them running. The picture above is super rad, that is his Dad on his 70’s Suzuki TS185! Below, check out a before and after shot of work on his Kawasaki F11B 250cc enduro. He did some amazing work keeping this thing on the road and making it look better than new!

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How to build a Cafe Racer Guide PDF by Jim March


MM listener Roberto sent us an email with this really interesting PDF file “How to build a Cafe Racer” guide. I’ve looked through it and it’s pretty interesting. I figured I’d post it up here. Take a look through it and let us know what you think? Good ideas? Ridiculous? Let’s talk.


Episode 12 running late

Motorbike Mondays Logo

Hey guys, just a heads up. With the One Moto show coming up quick, we’re all super busy getting the CB550’s finished up and ready for the show. We’re going to have to delay Episode 12 a few days. It will up this week ASAP. Check out some of our new posts this week on the website while you wait for the new show!


Good Deal or Wouldn’t Steal: Interesting CB650 – Worth $1000?


Listener Alan emailed us a few weeks ago, asking about picking up a particular CB650 for a novice build, and if it was a good deal for $1000. We thought this was a good question, and it’s an interesting bike/build. So read the ad, check out the pics, and tell us what you think? Listen to Episode 9 to hear our thoughts.

I’m also making this a new category for the Website, called “Good Deal or Wouldn’t Steal?”. I will post bikes for sale, and lets see what everybody thinks about the price!

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Jeff’s Fuzzy Green Carburetors

After recording Episode #4 on cleaning carburetors, listener Jeff sent us some crazy pictures. He has a 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 500R he bought to clean up and re-sell. He sent us these pictures of the inside of the carb float bowls. I’ve gotta say, I’ve never seen green fuzz like this inside of a set of carbs! What about you guys?IMG_4737 IMG_4738 IMG_4739