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Don’t forget about the little guys! Erics CB200

I wanted to share some awesome pictures sent to us by an awesome listener Eric.  Eric is a fan of the 1974-1976 Honda CB200’s. He has done an amazing restoration job on his bike and sent us some pictures.

Here is a quote from his email, which is a great tip for our recent Paint Prep episode #23:

I wanted to pass on a tip and maybe you guys can include it in a future podcast. This was recommended to me by a high school friend who learned how to do bodywork at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum. I don’t have a compressor or a spraygun, but I got a great finish on my tank and this is how: The paint I used is the same rattle can Daytona Yellow engine enamel that I shot the rest of the bike with. After 3 or 4 good coats and wetsanding in between, I used a product called Spraymax 2K http://usa.spraymax.com/index.php?id=853 It’s a two-part urethane based clear coat in a freaking can and it is THE best stuff ever. (And no, I do not work for the manufacturer.)
I shot the tank on Monday, wetsanded and buffed it out on Tuesday (with a headlight restoration kit buffer that fits in a drill that was on sale at AutoZone for 10 bucks), and installed and filled the tank on Wednesday. I even got a few drops on the paint when I filled it and it wiped off immediately without any marring of the clear coat. The only drawback is once you activate the hardener inside the can you have 24 hours to use the entire can. After that it hardens in the can and you have a doorstop. But one can did my tank, both fenders and badges. I would have been able to do the airbox covers too if I had had them properly prepped at the time. Cost? One can cost me $25 on ebay
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