Enduros always endure!


Recently we got an email from Simon in Australia all about his Dad’s awesome old bikes, and his work to keep one of them running. The picture above is super rad, that is his Dad on his 70’s Suzuki TS185! Below, check out a before and after shot of work on his Kawasaki F11B 250cc enduro. He did some amazing work keeping this thing on the road and making it look better than new!

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Episode 23: Paint Prep


Episode 23: Paint Prep

And…..we’re back! Hey guys, so sorry for the delay in new episodes over the last month or so. We’ve all been super busy throughout the start of the summer. RaceTech moving into new offices, Jarred & Brady working on new bikes, it all adds up.  So finally we’re covering Paint Prep, a topic we’ve been asked about before.  Our paint guru Brady Young covers most of the steps for paint prep, and Jared and Evan bring up some good questions.  We also cover some recent emails and questions at the end.

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