Episode 21: All About Suspension w/ Ed Sorbo from Lindeman Engineering



Episode 21: All About Suspension w/ Ed Sorbo from Lindeman Engineering

If you’re a couple episodes behind, you don’t want to miss this one! We met Ed Sorbo, owner of Lindeman Engineering at Deus Ex Machina’s Saturday School event in April. Ed had a booth at Saturday School and was leading excellent suspension seminars that drew a crowd every time.  We were very excited to have him join us on the show and talk in depth about suspension.

Note: this is our first show recording a remote guest via Skype. There are a few sound quality issues due to our old computer hardware. We’ll be upgrading soon to be able to record remote guests with much better quality.

Make sure to contact Ed at Lindeman Engineering for any of your suspension needs! Make sure to tell him you heard his Motorbike Mondays episode.

Lindemann Engineering
700 East Redlands Blvd. Ste U Box 410
Redlands, CA 92373

(909) 838-4587


  1. mike conte

    Hey, guys. Like the podcast! Two things.

    1. This one had some crazy echo/delay with Ed. Something about the remote audio.

    2. re lowering bikes via the forks.

    Ed says (and I agree) that adding preload to stock forks. He suggested a stronger spring with low preload. This makes sense especially as we know stock springs tend to be too light anyway – even more so with todays stickier tires.

    But, a stronger spring of the same length would have the bike sit higher at the same settings, because it sags less.

    So it seems that you’d want a stronger spring that was a bit shorter – how much shorter depends on your goals.

    Now you could go buy this spring…but if you take the stock spring, cut some off it, it will be stronger (good) and shorter (good). And it’s cheap. You can calculate the change in rate here .
    Btw, any time you increase the spring rate, you are going to reduce travel – same force against a stronger spring moves it less. So yes, a shorter spring means you will *have* less total available travel, but you will also *need* less travel for the same sized bumps.

    For reasons Ed described well, a stiffer spring — within reason — is a good thing.

    What’s your thoughts?

    I really just want a lower stance for cheap and am trying to use SCIENCE to rationalize it. Working? 😉

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