Good Deal or Wouldn't Steal?

Good Deal or Wouldn’t Steal: Do low bars make a ‘Cafe Racer’?


Good Deal or Wouldn’t Steal: 1978 Honda CB750K
Do low bars make a cafe racer?

I’ve noticed a trend recently, of bikes being advertised as ‘Cafe Racers’, which often have little more modifications than the handlebars swapped out for low tracker or clubman bars.  This generally seems to raise the price by $1500 on average.  To each his own, but I don’t really think this qualifies as a Cafe Racer.
See the original ad on Craigslist HERE.

Year: 1978
Make: Honda
Model: CB750K
Miles: 20,928
Tags: CA good till JUNE/2014

History of Bike: I bought the bike about 2 years ago.This bike is in good condition, it has several modifications on the exterior but i have never messed with the engine (Stock engine). The bike currently runs but it needs the carbs rebuilt but i don’t have the need for this bike anymore so that’s why i’m selling it AS IS, i rode it as recently as December ’13. Tags are good till JUNE/2014.

Note: I priced how much it would cost to rebuild the carbs and they quoted me approx. $350-400 (Shop in San Diego).

I also have a helmet that i would throw in (Bell 500/Matte Black SZ SM). 

Asking $3,500 or best offer,Serious cash inquiries only please. 

So, what do you think? Does this Cafe Racer meet the requirements? Is it worth $3,500?








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  1. Chad

    While I am very new to bikes, and this 750 looks great, I wouldn’t even consider it for $3500. I appreciate the stock look, but that’s all this is: a stock bike with new bars. There’s probably a 750 for $2k that ‘runs’ just as well as this one, that just needs fresh paint and chopped fenders. Anyways, just my two cents.

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