Episode 15: Regular Maintenance

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Episode 15: Regular Maintenance

Hey MMers! Episode 15 is all about regular maintenance items. Not alot of description needed here, or notes, just take a listen! We cover all the regular things you should check, adjust, and do to keep your bike in good working condition. Let us know if we missed anything or you have any other ideas.

  1. peter

    Good show. I’d really like to see some photos of that CT”140″ and look forward to the post on converting a 6v to 12v. I have a ’68 S90 and want to run LEDs but 6v bulbs are hard to find. Thanks guys.

  2. Anthony

    Great show, really enjoyed it. Would it be possible to do a show on custom seats and how to make them (like frame modifications to accommodate say a two up seat?). Working on figuring mine out now and it’d be cool to hear how you guys approach something like this. Thanks!

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