Episode 13: How Carburetors Work

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Episode 13: How Carburetors Work

Yo! We’re back with Episode 13, all about how carburetors work.   This is part one of our series on carburetors. Once you know how they work, we can get into tuning them to get your bike running properly and at peak performance. Now, while we all understand the basics of carbs, we’re not carburetor scientists.  Hopefully listening to this podcast will bring you much closer to understanding them, or at least getting the courage up to take yours apart. After you can recognize each of the basic pieces on all carbs, you can take apart/clean and inspect pretty much any of them.  Let us know what you think, and if you have any questions!

Here is some of the material we used in the podcast, looking at these drawings might help you understand how these work:

Throttle Opening vs. Jets:


Carburetor Components:


  1. Keith

    Great episode! I have been having so much trouble with with the carbs on my 1979 CX500. I can’t seem to get the left cylinder to run without choke. Hearing you talk about carbs has given me a much better understanding and I will be looking at them again this weekend. Thanks, again!

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