Episode 11: Front End Swaps

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Episode 11: Front End Swaps

Hey MM’ers. Episode 11 is up and all about Front End Swaps. This podcast is mostly led by Brady Young, our resident expert on front end swaps. I’m going to post our outline below so you can follow along with the show:

  • Steering Stem:
  • Option 1: Press out stems and swap stock to new triple tree. Might involve stretching.
  • Option 2: Bearing swap. Need to know ID of new stem & OD of stock yoke, top & bottom.
  • Check out All Balls racing bearing database: www.allballsracing.com
  • Rim swap for spoked 19″ wheel
  • 1999 Harley Narrow Glide Rim
  • Dual flange for dual disc
  • Single flange for single disc
  • For 1″ axle swap ball bearing on rim for 1″ ID
  • Other option shaving axle to fit 3/4 ID of Harley hub
  • Fitting rotors to rim:
  • 1: drill Harley bolt pattern on new rotor. Shim if needed.
  • 2: make conversion mount. If offset needed, make mount to Harley hub and mount rotor to mount with right offset.

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