Episode 10: Cleaning up the Triangle

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Episode 10: Cleaning up the Triangle

Welcome to Episode 10! This show is all about Cleaning up the ‘Triangle’. If you’re building a custom cafe or bobber style bike out of a 70’s or 80’s Japanese bike, chances are you’re going to want to clean out the Triangle. The Triangle is the shape formed by the steel frame of these old bikes on either side behind the engine. The Triangle is generally where the battery, fuse box, ignition box, air filter/air box, regulator, rectifier, wiring connectors and other components are mounted. To really get the clean look of a nice custom build, you need to commit to cleaning out the Triangle area. There is quite a bit involved in this, from figuring out a new battery location, modifying the wiring harness, swapping to cone air filters, and many other considerations. Hopefully this show will give you some ideas on what goes into doing this successfully.

Here’s an example of a cleaned up Triangle:


  1. Irfan

    I love your guys podcast. I have learned a lot and with your guys guidance and ideas. Keep up the GREAT work. I have a 85 GS450L that i am riding and slowly cleaning up to make it mine. I had one question in regards to the comments you made about relocating the battery to the swig arm. Would it be possible for you to show a picture of where and how you pout the battery on the swing arm, it was just not clear when you spoke of it. I was planning on tucking it up under the seat in a pan but like the idea of the swing arm.

    1. Evan

      Hey Irfan,
      Thanks for the comment! We meant underneath the swingarm just behind the engine. If you have removed the center (if it had one), this opens up a perfect spot for a small battery mount. I’ll try and get a picture to post for you.

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