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Good Deal or Wouldn’t Steal: Interesting CB650 – Worth $1000?


Listener Alan emailed us a few weeks ago, asking about picking up a particular CB650 for a novice build, and if it was a good deal for $1000. We thought this was a good question, and it’s an interesting bike/build. So read the ad, check out the pics, and tell us what you think? Listen to Episode 9 to hear our thoughts.

I’m also making this a new category for the Website, called “Good Deal or Wouldn’t Steal?”. I will post bikes for sale, and lets see what everybody thinks about the price!

The original ad is posted here, but I’ll post the text and pictures below in case it’s pulled down:

I have a 1981 Honda CB 650C custom build motorcycle. I purchased this bike with only the frame and motor that did not run, and have built it to this point. My investment into this motorcycle build has been about $3,500.00 for parts to build up this bike and make it function as well as clearing the title. I do have the title for the motorcycle in hand. At this point the bike does not work yet, but needs only a few things to ride! I have listed further what the bike needs. The motor has run, it needs a new head gasket due to the top end having some work done and now does not hold compression for the inner two cylinders. The lights all work, but needs resistors for the turn signals and the regulator went out but I do have a new one just not installed. The wiring needs to be cleaned up as I did have to build a harness for this bike to get running and function. The gas tank also got gummed up this winter, so it will need to be cleaned out and the paint finished also will need some touching up. Also a new battery. And that is all I know that needs to be done to the motorcycle to get running. If you want to know what exactly is on the bike call, text, or email me and I can do the best to describe what I have installed. Thanks.

CB650-9 CB650-8 CB650-7 CB650-6 CB650-5 CB650-4 CB650-3 CB650-2 CB650 worth it?

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  1. preston bigler

    Wondering what happened too the good deal or wouldnt steal for the cb650 I live in salt lake and have a few cb650 projects I contacted him and he told me hed sell off some parts if it wasn’t sold soon. Wondering if you guys have a podcast talking about it let me know

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