Episode 9: Custom Wiring Harnesses

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Episode 9: Custom Wiring Harnesses

And….we’re back! Hey guys, sorry for the long break. We were all super busy and/or out of town for the holidays at the end of December, and had a delay in recording Motorbike Mondays. We’re now back up and running and on schedule. Episode 9 is all about building custom wiring harnesses. We’ve discussed wiring harnesses in the past, mainly related to deciding whether or not to modify/repair and use your old original harness, or build a custom one. We had alot of feedback from that show, asking for more details about building a custom harness in depth. This show trys to cover that situation in depth.

Episode 9 assumes that you’ve already made the decision to build a brand new wiring harness from scratch. We discuss the tools and components you’ll need to begin, and then go into the process of planning out your build. ┬áPlease let us know any questions or comments you have so we can help.

I’m getting the show up now so you can listen to it. I’ll be collecting and posting materials to help you out building your wiring harness over the next couple days, so keep checking this page!

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