Episode 8: Ignition Systems

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Episode 8: Ignition Systems

Hey! Welcome to Episode 8, all about Ignition Systems.  In this episode we discuss how Breaker/Mechanical Points & Digital/Electronic Ignition systems work.  Then we discuss troubleshooting and testing various components.  We also discuss setting point gaps and static timing.

The points system description can be kind of difficult to follow listening to a voice description, so I’ll find some resources to post here showing how these things work.

Here is a page from RaceTech Electrics tech support section on ignition systems:

Here’s a decent video showing setting both sets of points on a Honda CB360 twin:

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  1. Joel

    Love the show, bought my first bike, in 1983 cb1000 custom. I have a question about something you mentioned on the show, a key fob autostart. Can you link to the website that you found that?

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