Episode 5: Tools

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Episode 5: Tools

Welcome to episode 5! This was recorded over a week ago, and was meant to be posted last Monday 10/25…but of course I got busy with Thanksgiving coming up and forgot to post it!  So sorry for the delay guys, we’ll be back on our usual schedule of 1 show a week starting next week.  We are trying to get on a schedule for posting shows on Mondays, however it will probably be the second week of December before we can get enough audio recorded ahead of schedule and stick to it.

Anyways, on to tools.  This podcast discusses all the types of tools for your home or small shop. We tried to make a pretty comprehensive list, but I’m sure there are plenty of things missing.  Listen through the show, look through our notes, and let us know if you have any questions or comments as always!


Show Notes:

Episode 5 notes: TOOLS

magnetic wand
shop towels/rags/tshirts
gloves (mechanic or rubber)
Standard tool set
-needle nose pliers
-Adjustable pliers
-C-clip pliers
-C-clamps (calipers)
-Vise Grips
-sockets (metric)
-Allen set (sockets and wrenches)
-wrench set
-Crescent wrench
-multimeter (cheap or autoranging)
-center punch
-Breaker bar
-3/8 drive attachment for drill
-Battery charger
-Test light/bulb
-Timing light
-Feeler gauges
-Spark plug gapper
-Wire brushes

-Impact screw driver
-torque wrench
-Impact driver – air, hand
-soldering iron
-Heat gun
-Bolt extractors – dril bit type & socket type
-Drill press
-Ratchet type wrenches
-Angle grinder
-R/o sander

Motorcycle specific:
-Chain breaker
-cable luber
-Carb sync tool
-Flywheel puller
-Compression tester
-Carb cleaner
-Chain lube
-Starting fluid
-Fork oil / ATF
-Penetrating oil


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