1. Chris Jackson

    I found your podcast just a little late. I bought a 78 honda ct185 basket case. It turns over and has some compression but is missing enough to make it a little hard to start. Is this bike in restored condition worth anything or should I just paint over the rust and try to make it a fun driver. I am nearing 70 and don’t need a rocket. I have gone from a 51 Vellocette in the 60’s to a CT 90 last year with many years (30) bikeless. Thanks for any info on this bike. Chris

  2. Evan

    Hey Chris, it’s never too late. You can always download the shows and keep listening. The CT185 sounds cool, don’t see those too often. Have you run a compression test on the motor? It is probably not a super valuable bike, but depending on what you bought it for it could be worth the money to fix. My tendency would be to make a fun driver out of it rather than restore. We’ll discuss it and mention the bike on next weeks show. Send us some pictures of the 51 Vellocette! Thanks, Evan

    1. Chris Jackson

      Thanks for the reply. No pictures of Vellocette. Loaned it to brother in about 1963. He loaned it to a friend and to a friend, and as this all occurred in S.F. in the 60’s nobody can remember where it ended up. To many organic smokes. I was in the Navy at that time. It was a rigid frame flat tracker 500 cc single used at Ascot speedway I think.

      1. Chris Jackson

        I was wondering why you knew little about my 78 Honda CT185. My age is showing. It is a CM185T. A Twinstar. Could I put scrambler pipes on this bike? I always liked that look. Thanks.

        1. Evan

          Hey Chris,
          I’m familiar with the CM185 Twinstar, but no expert on them. I would think you could adapt some scrambler high pipes off of a CL model. Probably going to take some work, but it could be done.

  3. mike conte

    Nice work, guys.

    For your episode on buying a used bike, I didn’t hear anything about checking for bent frames. Is that because it’s not a problem? I’ve heard many horror stories of subtly bent frames and also heard not worth fixing. Your POV?

  4. Evan

    Hey Mike, Thanks for the comment. No we didn’t mention bent frames. I’ll ask the other guys about it, but to be honest I’ve never once encountered that over years of buying all types of bikes. We’ll discuss it tonight on the next show.

    1. mike conte

      Thanks for the response! I am relieved that you haven’t seen much of this.

      I have bent a modern ducati frame from a medium speed low side – no way to spot it but after noticing a very mild low speed weave I found out it was 10mm off front to rear.

      I’d think most 30+ year old bikes have been down at least once. Too cynical? 😉

      Here is a link to a restoration project that was well along before the builder was finally convinced to check the frame and found it was bent.

      here are some more:




      Thanks again for the podcast and sorry for the late response – holiday travel and all.

        1. Evan

          Hey Mike, sorry I missed your comments before and they weren’t approved. Just made them live. Good info, thanks for posting those links. We’ll comment on this on our new show coming up this week.

  5. Zack R

    Hey, so I was looking at the seaweed and gravel website and noticed a beauty of a bike, its the white cb550 called the quick build and I was wondering how much it would cost to commission you guys to make something like that and how much would it cost if I did it myself. If you had any numbers like that? Thanks.

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