Episode 2: Buying a Used Bike

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Episode 2: Buying a Used Bike

Welcome to episode 2 of Motorbike Mondays! This is our first real content episode. We start out with a quick introduction again, if you didn’t listen to Episode 1 it could be helpful. Then we move into our main topic, which is buying a used bike. We all have lots of experience buying used bikes for projects and builds, so there is some good advice here if you’re new to the hobby. Here is an outline of the show:

  • Introduction
  • Whats in the shop? (new segment)
  • *****Here we discuss what we are each currently working on in our respective shops, and interesting things we’ve dealt with lately.
  • Buying a used bike
  • *****We discuss what kind of models to look for based on your type of build.
  • *****We talk about the different types of builds we’re familiar with, including cafe racers, bobber/choppers, etc.
  • *****We discuss what to look for when inspecting a used bike.
  • *****We discuss title/registration concerns, especially in California.
  • *****Finally, we discuss resources for finding a used bike, including Craigslist, eBay, and Cycle Trader.

Any thoughts or comments on the show? Please let us know!

  1. Evan

    Hey Trevor, for sure man, all the episodes are available to download for free! Go to the audio player at the top of the page for the episode you want. Directly under the audio player is a link that says ‘Download’. Right-click on the download link, and select Save-File-As, Save Link As, or whatever your browsers save option is. Then you can save the MP3 file to your computer, and transfer it to whatever player you’d like. Hope this helps!

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